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  • Tower Pro SG 90 Micro Servo Hack

    Actually, author didn't mention the thing that potentiometer used in SG90 has limited rotation, and the gear on top has a hole (it isn't that round) connecting it to potentiometer (originally used to be aware of servo's position) and changing it's state, so it is required to make that hole round, and make the gear on top rotate freely (but there is a risk of fluctuations, so the better choice is to replace potentiometer with a shaft as well: still there is a problem of getting it fixed inside a case...).And, Guys, if you really want to try it (just 4 fun), - don't remove the PCB, - just cut off wires (keep it simple: don't do things unless you need it), or you'll be at risk of damaging the servo case.I'd never recommend this servo hack.

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