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  • MickeyH3 commented on NeonLime's instructable How To Care For A "Leopard Gecko"2 years ago
    How To Care For A "Leopard Gecko"

    True! It's not necessarily the tank-size that matter, but the number of hides. If the tank has 1-2 more hides than it has geckos, it should be fine to house multiple geckos in there -even if it's medium size. I myself, also keep 4 females and a male. I have them in a 30 gallon tank, and I've also bred succesful from them ;)

    Wow, that sounds like a cool setup! How wide is your tank then? Im considering moving the heat mad into the middle of my tank also, since I have multiple geckos in there. But the terrarium is only 29 inches wide, so maybe that is too small to create two cool sides?Thanks in advance :)

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