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  • MimArt commented on Carleyy's instructable 10 Unusual Uses for Nail Polish3 years ago
    10 Unusual Uses for Nail Polish

    Just like car paint, spray paint, etc., applying FNP to an already rusted metal surface doesn't stop the rust, it may continue to rust under the polish seal. That might be okay for keeping rust stains off your bathroom surfaces, but don't depend on it for patio furniture or other long-term fixes. The only way to really get rid of rust is to grind it off, down to fresh metal.

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  • 10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas!

    Love these ideas.. If your chocolate shavings end up on a plate and not the coffee or cake, etc., try picking the biggest curled ones with a toothpick. It's nearly impossible with fingers. Then just let the chocolate slide off the pick to its intended destination.. Merry Chocolate!

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