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Hi! I'm a technology nut, dabbling in everything from mobile electronics to computers to 3D printing to website design and hosting. I currently build and repair 3D printers. Thanks for stopping by, stay safe!


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  • Converting 12v/24v Power Supply to Remote (G-code) Switching

    You'd need to use a wall charger, not a vehicle charger. The high voltage inputs (the plug) from the charger would connect to the same screws as the 120v wall cord connects to the power supply. Since this is AC power, there is no polarity. The low voltage outputs could then connect to the RAMPS: Positive 5v DC to the 5V terminal beside the reset button, and the ground at any of the GND or - terminals, the closest being in the AUX-1 section on the other side of the reset button. The GND terminals are the 4 terminals along the edge, marked with a minus (-) sign.This should power the Arduino with 5v for the logic only. Please let me (us) know if it works as you expect.-MindRealm

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  • Sajovicd - Thanks for asking. Interrupting the power inside the power supply provides a measure of protection since the high voltage connections remain inside the protective enclosure and only low voltage connections are needed outside the enclosure, except for the original screw terminals, of course. Plus, I didn't want another component between the wall outlet and the screw terminals. If you want to install the relay outside of the enclosure, please exercise caution and provide some means of protection (3D print an enclosure for the relay?) to prevent shock. -Mindrealm

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  • It looks like the 1.1 boards had a PSEL jumper to choose whether to power the board's 5v logic from the power supply or the USB, but this is absent on the 1.2 boards. I suggest unplugging the power supply inputs from the board and connecting the USB. This should power the board. If so, then use a volt meter to check to see if 5v is present at pin 1 of any of the following connectors: SPI, ICSP, I2C.If so, you can use this 5v for the relay power and pick up the signal in the PS_ON terminal beside the power inputs. DISCLAIMER: I have no experience using RAMBO boards. This information is provided from examining the schematic at at YOUR OWN RISK!

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