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  • Using an RGB LED to Detect Colours

    you can diy one ?just add bluetooth module to this diy and connect it to your android device ----------------you can modify this function , so that the arduino gives you the desirable response void printColour(){ Serial.print("R = "); Serial.println(int(colourArray[0])); Serial.print("G = "); Serial.println(int(colourArray[1])); Serial.print("B = "); Serial.println(int(colourArray[2])); //delay(2000); }i like using this form :D RRR,GGG,BBB\nmodification :void printColour(){ Serial.print(int(colourArray[0])); Serial.print(", "); Serial.print(int(colourArray[1])); Serial.print(","); Serial.print(int(colourArray[2]));Serial.print("\n"); //delay(2000); }

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