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  • Nafis106 commented on romanursuhack's instructable How to Make a Rainbow Felt-Tip Pen3 years ago
    How to Make a Rainbow Felt-Tip Pen

    can u use it without the white???

    can u make it without white??

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  • Nafis106 commented on VitG's instructable Ukrainian Lacing3 years ago
    Ukrainian Lacing

    Well, I'm not an adventurer AT ALL but it's really helpful. Tying my laces you still to be really hard! Now Iim not the last one to put on my shoes after soccer practice! But you can get shoes there's another life hack that gives space for your foot to fit in but you never have to tie your laces again! That one is more helpful than this one, I tried it! Take a look....It's a lot harder to make but it's WORTH IT! Trust Me! It won't let me get the link because of copyright claims, etc., So I don't think you could do it! Sorry to let you down...

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