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  • How to repair Windows 10 recovery loop error without a reinstall

    I wish I could check if this would work. Unfortunately where you fix starts I can't get to. I'm not even sure what caused the BSOD. I was studying and doing an assessment and the desktop froze. I tried to re-boot but the keyboard did not respond. Eventually I had to do a switch off the desktop and when I tried turning it on the BSOD started. (1) It gets to the start up up screen and before I have a chance to select book optins etc I get the (2) BSOD. At this point all I get is bad stop code error and nothing else. No option for troubleshooting or boot options.(3) Windows defender attempts to fix offline and (4) I then go in to the loop. Any suggestions on how to fix this without getting troubleshooting or boot options I can get in to.

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