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  • NathanP67 commented on Beergnome's instructable Condensation Reclimation Rain Barrel.3 years ago
    Condensation Reclimation Rain Barrel.

    I just finished building something similar to harvest A/C condensate to water our garden.I had the bright idea to measure how much condensate was flowing from my A/C, and being in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas (just 30 miles from South Padre Island), we have plenty of heat and humidity. I'm getting 16-20 gallons of condensate per day... that's enough to provide 3" of water per week to the vegetable garden... and it isn't even summer yet... seems stupid to let it go to waste.I used a 32 gallon trash can, drilled a 3/4" hole in the side, about 1" from the bottom, installed a garden hose faucet/spigot. I used 8 cinder blocks (stacked 2 rows high) as a pedestal.Then, it occurred to me to see if anyone else had the same idea, and came across your instructable.

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