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  • NickA157 commented on NanaNextDoor's instructable How to Use a Sewing Machine5 days ago
    How to Use a Sewing Machine

    The sewing machine is useful at home not only for sewers and professional tailors. It' s always convenient to have the opportunity to shorten the skirt, sew the edge of the trousers or even fit the dress to the figure. If you decide to learn how to sew and master a variety of interesting patterns this guide will help you in choosing easy to operate, safe and compact sewing machine -

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  • NickA157 commented on LindyGirlThay's instructable How to Sew (using a Sewing Machine)2 months ago
    How to Sew (using a Sewing Machine)

    Very informative post! It will be really helpful for beginners. I also know that it is sometimes difficult for beginners to choose a sewing machine, to decide on a brand, model and functionality. After reading this article, you will understand that it is not difficult at all

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      • Quintessential Way to Knot Your Thread When Sewing
      • Will Those Thriftstore Pants Fit? No Dressing Room? No Problem!
      • How to Sew (using a Sewing Machine)
  • NickA157 commented on weaverleathercraftsupply's instructable Leather Stocking 3 months ago
    Leather Stocking

    Things made of genuine leather are always in fashion, and this is due to the unique qualities of this natural material. Thanks to them, clothing, leather accessories always look elegant and stylish, they are practical and durable. But not many people know that to sew natural, especially thick leather, you need a special sewing machine for the leather:

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