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  • I Used two 2.2K resistor and this code. It works fine for rotate in two directions. sorry my english#include <Servo.h>Servo myservo;void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); }void loop() { if ( Serial.available()) { char ch =; switch(ch) { case '1': // direction 1 delay(50); myservo.attach(9); myservo.write(148); //you can change from 76 to 180 for change speed break; case '2': // direction 2 delay(50); myservo.attach(9); myservo.write(0); //you can change from 72 to 0 for change speed break; case '3': // stop myservo.detach(); break; } } now, I have to find a solution for rotate in an angle with presition}

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  • colud I replace R1 for a potentiometer for calibration, or what can I do to adjust it. sorry my english

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