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A Belgium based PhD student with a profound love for making things. Making things is what makes me happy! Professional interests lie with stretchable electronics, soft robotics, exoskeletons and printed electronics. Personal interests lie with robotics in general, DIY CNC machines, Prusa 3D printers, energy monitoring systems, indoor positioning and home automation. Big Hero 6 is one of the latest movie about robots which I enjoyed a lot. It introduced Baymax to me, a human sized soft robot.


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    Silicone Devices

    Thank you so much for commenting. I have updated the I'ble to address each. Let me know if you have any further concerns. Your critique is most welcome!CheersSteven

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    Silicone Devices

    Hey Carolices! Thanks. I try my best to keep the open source spirit going. Sharing and collaborating makes us stronger all together in my opinion.Primerwise: It definitely would not hurt to try. Lightly coat a component with the AC79 and then pour some silicone (leftovers from another step perhaps) over it. Let it cure and see what happens.I would expect it to not work though, since the AC79 is designed to work with 3M Scotchweld acrylic glue.Cheers,Steven

    Hey @carolices! That is odd. I will replicate this tonight before leaving the lab and keep you posted. I have performed this process with dragonskin already and found no issues. Ecoflex however I have not tried yet in this process.Please check your mixing container: Did the remaining silicone in there cure completely?On another note, I saw you were looking for a replacement for the Bison primer. This one seems ok.Or maybe I do trust the Dow brand a bit more. CRL I have not heard of before finding this product on Amazon.Good luck and keep me posted on your progress. Cheers.Steven

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    Silicone Devices

    I do appreciate your views! The first generation exo suits are only now starting to appear in industry and are very clunky Would indeed be awesome to create an alternative more compliant with the body while still providing adequate force when needed.

    Hi Ingeltje! Nice of you to comment :)Bladecoaters --> I'd cut them out of plexi glass rather than plywood. The plexi glass does not absorb any silicone, so you can peel of excess amounts after curing and maybe re-use it. 6mm thickness works fine.Copper foil --> Anywhere between 0.05 to 0.1mm thickness should work fine. Too thin can become weak and degrade more easily. Too thick and the contact pad will fold rather than flex inside your circuit. You can find these kinds of tapes online (Adafruit and Farnell do carry some) or maybe get lucky at your local garden center (copper tape is used to line the edges of plant pots as a barrier against snails). Just remember to clean off the (insulating) glue from the tape's bottom side in Step 8.

    Could you be referring to the strain sensor (the one we show in front of the screen; with an on-screen animation following how much we extend it)? This is actually a resistive circuit. In essence we're creating a long circuit trace by folding the path back on itself multiple times (a serpentine shape). I'll put the design files in attachment! Cheers

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    Silicone Devices

    Hey @carolices! I recommend using a laser cutter if you can get your hands on one.The blade coater is actually just a fixed gap which you slide over your sample plate.I've added a pdf to this message with 4 DIY blade coaters we have laser cutted and then used. I honestly have to say they are even better at providing nice layers of consistent thickness than the blade coater you saw in the videos here :) Gap sizes from top to bottom are: 4mm, 5mm, 7mm and 8mmReach out in the comments if you need me. Cheers!

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