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  • NoelM3 commented on atman's instructable Can Stove2 years ago
    Can Stove

    putting a filler inside helps contain spills should you drop it or knock it over. safety is always first.Grampa

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  • NoelM3 commented on NK5's instructable Cool Little Miniature Stove!2 years ago
    Cool Little Miniature Stove!

    when one wants to boil water the pot makes a difference. stainless is nice for the ease to clean it is a poor conductor of heat.aluminum is the best and cheapest type. having a lined pot with a nonstick surface is best.. care must be taken to not overheat the nonstick surface because it will ruin it and is also contains elements we dont want entering our body the best is cast iron. giving a nearly indestructible item that will give service for a lifetime.Grampa

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