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  • Got the code working. Now I can use a 5V cell phone charger to run it without the computer.

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  • Thanks, I assumed that to be the case and did plug one in. I had to try and run the sketch a couple of times for it to finally show up. However it doesn't move. The TX led on the Arduino briefly flashes when I press the keys, except for A and Z. I loaded the servo sweep sketch to ensure I could control all the servos and that worked.My current plan is to rewrite the code to use physical push buttons instead of having to attach a computer. If I get it working I'll share it.

    Were you able to fix this? I was able to run 4 servos through my Arduino powered by my laptop. If you are concerned about not enough power, connect the servo power rail directly to the power supply.

    I'm not sure you can use a bluetooth USB dongle on an Arduino. I believe you need to use a bluetooth module. I haven't tried it, but it sounds like a great project for you. I found this website that might get you started.

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  • I've been wanting to do this with my son for a while now and we've finally have some spare time to work on it. I've been playing around with the software side and have run into two problems.1) In Processing, this line in the code is highlighted:String port = Serial.list()[0];with the error message:ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0I need to look into this further, but any assistance would be appreciated. I might alter the code to make this a stand alone unit with buttons instead of having to run the Processing sketch.2) As of 11/08/2016, the Arduino-IRremote Github repository no longer exists. Not a big issue for me at the moment, since I don't have an IR remote.

    Update:I believe the Arduino-IRremote library is in a different repository. I traced it back from Ken Shirriff's blog: points to a different GitHub repository:

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