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  • DIY Ambient Lighting With Hyperion. Works With HDMI/AV Sources || Raspberry Pi

    I would think that his two monitors are just treated as one (with higher resolution). So he would need to treat them as one. The main issue would be wiring between his monitors.He would then make the width strips the total width of two monitors and cut them, then resolder with some wire that is hot pluggable maybe. This project might work best with some sort of desk mounted monitor holder that holds both the monitors, or wall hanging them.

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  • Mini weather station with Attiny85

    Look for nodemcu for a "all in one" sollution :-) Check out banggood, aliexpress etc. some few dollars.. you can also buy a shield.. Beware that different hw designs exist :-)

    Sure you can, I have used ESP8266 for DHT22 and many other sensors.You can also make it send data to thingspeak directly :-)Sensors I've used on esp8266:* Light sensor* Sound sensor (microphone)* DHT22, DHT11* Dust sensor (Sharp)+++I've also used oled (, not all oled libs work.PS. you might have to buy or create logic level converters for some sensors.

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    while I see that a stationary light source would perform better with more surface area (more panels), the sun moving on an arc would create shades. So the peak power would increase but I think average power would decrease (also construction cost).I would consider making some servo controlled sun tracker with solar panels. Sure it would cost some with servo and microcontroller ,but the efficciency would increase as it could always track the ideal trajectory for increased performance.

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