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  • I grew up in a landscaping family and am currently a carpenter. I think you did a fantastic job not only of final product but also your instructable. What a nice little get away. Love the lighting. Nice touch!!!! Great job!!!!

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  • P.j.N commented on FrontierShed's instructable Landscape Rock Tumbler

    Thank you Zach. I've found the same solution with various harbor freight tools. Simple fix and they're holding up to the big box tools.

    Fantastic instructable. What a great idea. Won't forget this one

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  • P.j.N commented on F4916's instructable How to Desalinate Seawater


    Ive heard of iodine drops. Is that something worth putting in a big out bag as well. Or would it really male no difference

    Hehehehe. Let it cool off first. Lol

    Awesome response. Taking notes my friend

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  • Wanted to let you know i voted for you. Its simple to do and inexpensive. I think of all the ones that entered this one is the most likely to get built and used by the most subscribers. Great idea and build. Good luck in the competition

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  • I remember when i got my first dslr. I spent months taking pictures ans slowly changing the settings until i had gotten pretty good with fstop iso and white balance. Playing with focus points as well. So i can relate. Reading books on the subject felt too much like school lol. This is a great instructable for getting a pure black backgrounds and will be harvesting a desktop soon. As far as your bluish grey pics on white. Try putting white balance right in the middle as one direction turns red and the other blue. But you probably already knew that. Just in case i gave YOU an instructable. Have a great day

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  • P.j.N commented on M3G's instructable Wrong Size Wrench? No Problem!

    The Young Ones. Youre awesome for even saying the young ones. Lmao. Grew up watching that with friends. Hilarious stuff

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