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  • PabloPickars commented on danthemakerman's instructable Kiridashi Marking Knife2 years ago
    Kiridashi Marking Knife

    Thank you. For me, you have connected so many areas of "knowledge(!)" that now make sense, both metal and wood. My father taught me a lot but was always a bit too busy, you know? Your skill and the way you explain is exemplary, thanks again.

    to this excellent post I would only substitute "highly skilled" for "simple"! If this is simple, I need it!.

    As Dan would probably say, the softer the mild steel, the sharper. The harder the longer ( might want to rephrase that one..). Like life and flight... it's a compromise.

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  • PabloPickars commented on amgworkshop's instructable 1 transistor FM spybug2 years ago
    1 transistor FM spybug

    Errr..@ KiloVision, I suspect English is not your first language OR you did not pay attention in spelling classes! You are a pompous jerk and I pity your son's role model. "proofread" is not a word, dummy! the correct form is proof read. This Instruction is well written, very inventive, knowledgeable and well written.

    You are a gentleman! Thanks for the post.

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