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  • PareshK11 commented on Penolopy Bulnick's instructable Unusual Uses for Mouthwash3 years ago
    Unusual Uses for Mouthwash

    One of the best use of plain regular sugar-free mouthwash is as a safe pesticide. Use a diluted mixture (1:4 in less severe cases or higher to 1:1 if too many flying insects are present) and spray it generously in the area. For our garden party that had outdoor wooden and plastic furniture (and many types of unwanted critters :), I sprayed it all over including the furniture at least 10' beyond where we sat in a circular format and voila! Not one insect bothered us from 7:00pm till like 2:00am into the night! It was fabulous... heartily recommended. I have tried it in our terrace balcony, inside our home on upholstery, walls also with the same results. But I think it's wise to stay away from polished nice wooden furniture inside.

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