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  • PaulT253 commented on HackerBoxes's instructable HackerBoxes 0017: Power Maker2 years ago
    HackerBoxes 0017: Power Maker

    I actually ran into the same issue with this power supply two 10ohm resistors in serial on the 12v, also ran 1 on the 12 and 1 on the 5, and 2 on the 12 and 1 on the five. The display would flicker 0.0 for a moment, same with the fan jerk, but then would turn off. Could get it to repeat this any time I connected the green wire to a ground. Not really sure what else I can do to try and kickstart it. I did only run 1 wire per post, but saw other videos where people ran every wire of a certain color to the voltage posts. Not sure if that makes a difference or not, however (I wouldn't expect it to).

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  • PaulT253 commented on HackerBoxes's instructable HackerBoxes Robotics Workshop2 years ago
    HackerBoxes Robotics Workshop

    Got everything working for the most part, with the exception of the line car. Make sure you keep your leads long on the photo resistors, or the tubing will melt. Going to disassemble mine a bit this weekend and try some other stuff out, since right now mine just constantly wants to make left turns. Everything else turned out awesome, however. Definitely a worthwhile kit, and I learned a ton from the one robot that I royally messed up.

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