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  • PearlBlueSoul commented on HackerBoxes's instructable HackerBoxes Robotics Workshop2 years ago
    HackerBoxes Robotics Workshop

    Mine allows me to connect via serial when it's hooked up to the arm, but it will only do it with battery power assisting or when the NodeMCU is detached from the shield. With it attached and no battery, it will get just enough power to come on but the servos suck it up as soon as it finishes initializing.

    Semi random as well, but in Blynk there's an option to enable analog control between the min/max boxes. If you tap that, it will send values between max and min rather than just max OR min.

    Yep, same here. Thanks to reading your comment I noticed it and solved it the same way. Stripped a bread tie and it works like a champ. ? Thanks!

    Just started working on figuring out how to smoothen out the arm's action myself. Had the same response from it when it powered on. I have a feeling it has to do with the min/max values set up in the sketch file when compared with the slider, but not really sure yet. The arm seems to move really well at some settings but not so well in others, like it's having trouble figuring out how to math to where the set point is. Reducing the delay helped some in getting it to respond quicker, though.

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