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  • I made my first ice water AC bout 12 or 14 yrs ago for use in our small RV. used a semi large Igloo icechest- helt 4 bags of ice, put about a gallon of water in it,boat builg pump, used hose to go to heater core from pump then return to chest. Made a cardboard box sized to heater core size and put a 12v fan at other end, pulled air through H. core rather than try to push air through core. Used one night in the boones and nearly froze....... No Fooling.. they work folks.............. lol

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  • if you have a Dollar Tree store nearby, they have LED bulbs for a dollar, 9wats for 60 watt output.. OK go play lol

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  • I'm getting one of these: Don't have to be on a water pump though, made for the Honda Clone engines..

    I'm not putting this down, but wouldn't this be easier: have one ordered - from "China". Didn't get here soon enough for the Texas storm though..... anyway. give it a look see........

    Forgot -- 6.5 hp clone Honda Make'em for larger engines also..

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  • For the sheet metal, you could try a commercial air condition installers. They use galvanized sheet metal to make duck work to send air through to everywhere in the building. Just a though..

    Fathin: What he is saying is that there is 7.5 gallons in 1 cubic foot of space.. Or 1 cubic foot holds 7.5 gallons of water etc... OK...

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  • PhilS. commented on rbodell's instructable Homemade TV Antenna

    Didn't get to finish my first attempt. ha Made with a hula hoop cut down to 26" ID and just used romex solid copper wire cut to 40 3/4" after forming an "eye" in the end- inserting into the hula hoop then hooking a 300 to 75 ohm matching transformer, it's up on two 10 ft pvc pipes swaying in the wind. Working like GangBusters.......... ha longest distance is around 20 miles, not to far..

    I have made two of these and they work outstanding. 26 chanles.

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  • Hi Judy72649I use a Dewalt 9.7 to 18 volt charger for everything. It says it's a 9.7v to 18v charger.. I just opened it up and soldered wires to the positive and negative terminals inside and drilled a hole for the wires to exit then put alligator clips on the other end and marked them for polarity, then hook to any battery in that voltage range and you got it.. Works for me!!!!!! Phil

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  • AJMansfield -- who cares what they are called. Pickey, pickey, pickey.. Looks like he used a "Stick" welder in the first place for the risers on top, so that make the wells there, (I hate to say it) TACK WELLS.......... Old Stick Welder

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