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  • Putinator commented on ccooper33's instructable Briefcase PC1 year ago
    Briefcase PC

    I do like this idea. I am thinking I might attempt to do some similar . I always buy alienware laptops and i realized i can get more power for half the price if I simply upgrade or build the pc myself. As i use my pc mainly for gaming, school, and watching movies I would like to be able to simply remove things as they become outdated. I really only need a cpu, a graphics card, a power supply, a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor, ram,a network adapter and usb ports. Obviously cooling and hard drives. I do not like touch pads and i rarely use my optic drive as my games come from steam and i buy movies and music off Amazon. Even a monitor is not really necessary as I can use a tv I am wondering if one could use a laptop monitor in a rig like yours.

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