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  • RafsunA1 commented on The Bike Guy's instructable No Equipment Full-Body Workout3 years ago
    No Equipment Full-Body Workout

    Here is my workout plan (im a newbie)1. 20 pushups2. 10-15 crunches3.20 leg raises4. 20 squats5. Rest6. Repeat all the steps(done this much in the first week.3days)7.then added pull ups8. Next week added front and side planks,some bicep workouts (i forgot what they are called) and dumblesAre these enough for building muscles? I have been through this workout for like 2 weeks (3 days each). If this is a proper way,how long might it take to see the result? If its the wrong way,any mods? And yeah thanks to this The Bike Guy cuz mine is just modded version with more intensity. Thanks if anyone helps :)

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