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  • You're not settling - don't worry. It's like would you want a Model T so you have to manually crank over the engine or do you want a newer car with seat belts and air bags, power steering, ABS etc. I prefer the newer/safer cars and easier to use and safer tools too.

    Very nicely done - beautiful. Here's an honest comment: I was glad you used the EWT tools. There are times when the 'traditional' tools are needed but I find myself using the EWT rougher and finisher more often than other tools.

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  • The wood for the top and bottom of sound box can be found at Woodcraft or Klingspor Woodworkng shops to name 2. Ask for where they have the 'thin stock'. You will find nice pieces of 1/8" stock in many woods like Padauk, Sycamore etc. There will also be 1/4" and even 5/16" pieces but you want the 1/8" think stock. You'll see the prices are not crazy but it will cost you $20 or so for enough to make two strumsticks.

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