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  • Pretty good write up on an equally good project I'll say ! There is a lot to be learned from hiring a proper equipment then reverse engineering one of your own . Often that leads to improvements in material or construction to suit personal idea or multiple uses from your own gear. As it happens I have learnt from your instructable and will ever so slightly modify your structure with a direct copy of the jack for my own ceilings which are due for replacement. So thank you and congratulations on being a capable and calculating trouble shooter.

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  • no reply to that statement huh ? I sure hope it means the author took it on board and went back to an incompressible medium for cylinder pressure. Although just seeing the Ruger hoist is food for thought ! However air is deadly for the hoist if used by the uninformed person.

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  • Revolver1911 commented on gomer394's instructable Home-made Anvil

    Yeah rail from a railyard is the way to go. Used is best . That meaning its been stress relieved by hundreds of tonnes massaging the surface. There being no welds or seams that take days of prep and welding. Just one piece. Can cut and grind one end to a point. If you really need a large flat surface perhaps weld a heavy plate on for,a surface? Same to the base to add weight and reduce the bounce if you place it on the floor or where ever you want to use it!

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  • ‚ÄčThis is the only how to on the subject I've found in two days reading articles & searching the net. Must congratulate the author on this essay.. I found it a comprehensive useable article for the beginner to the novice artiste, such as myself. You will be able to follow along or expand on the plan with pre rolled or folded sections , bolting in modified factory mounts , adding tapers for more attractive forms commensurate with your skills . Simply by using this as a rule of thumb the mind can plan on your own project with a handy reference. Cheers Doozer_not_fraggle. Well set out & easy to follow!

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