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  • RiddlywalkerB commented on emorulz's instructable 9 volt secret taser

    my hearing aid uses "EH?" "EH?" batteries.....

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  • the 'frog' of a house brick makes a fantastic ingot mould- you can pour them shallow for small amounts..... never any problem with sticking, and they hold the heat well.

    yes- our art college was buying battered old pewter mugs as it was a lot cheaper than buying 'new' ingots.I am concerned by the use of plaster moulds on this page- ANY moisture in the plaster and the hot metal will splatter all over the place when it hits and makes steam- 'warming the moulds' is not enough. traditional bronze moulds were plaster and crushed ceramic (brick?) baked for 24-48 hours to melt out the wax and properly dry the mould, lead and pewter can now be safely cast in high temp silicone- which means you can do a run rather than single objects. Melting lead? well ventilated space, fume mask if you are doing this regularly, always wear Eye Protection- stupid not to?

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  • Thanks for the careful hints on cylinder cutting- I have used a powerful jigsaw in the past, and got accurate results...

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  • RiddlywalkerB commented on susanta's instructable Electric Lawn Mower

    yeah right... if this tips back the blade will dig into the ground and throw the machine sideways... I use pretty wild home made stuff in my workshop, but at 20, having been to the ER with my friends thumb and forefinger in my pocket (he thought he was still attached to them after his 'experiment') I try to create devices that won't involve painful operations, ambulances, and permanent changes to my working life.... good luck, wear those safety glasses!

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  • I found a cake-mixer balloon whisk in a charity shop- perfect for the cordless drill. Tiramisu on the menu more often!

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