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  • RitaR11 commented on xbremer's instructable Divisadero Chair3 years ago
  • RitaR11 commented on hawcrofta's instructable Paracord Cord Reinforcement3 years ago
    Paracord Cord Reinforcement

    Thanks for posting. I would still be cursing the broken cords.

    My chihuahua barks too much as well. Perhaps its song of our people that they are singing.

    I just found this item, but all the ones i see have been tubes you put the tubing through. That wouldnt work with the ends of the tube intact. How do you do it, what size to you get it in, please post some photos.

    Paracord is awesome. Sugru works well too. But in comparison to paracord its more expensive. I have been doing my cords like this, as much to fix as to mark them. When we have a family get together, everyone has multiple cords. Mine seem to disappear! But marking them helps.

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