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  • RobertC52 commented on buildingandblogging's instructable LED infinity mirror3 years ago
    LED infinity mirror

    Hello Sir i am Robert and i have been working on an infinity mirror. i have the project built and have included pictures of the important parts. i am using 62 Purple/UV LEDs voltage drop 3.0-3.2 at 20mA in a 3series by 20parallel configuration each series has its own 120ohm current limiting resistor with a 2series with a 330 resistor left over. I double checked the anode(+) to cathode(-) of each LED and made sure none were burnt out and all were operating within their current range, both individually and as an individual circuit but when i connect the (wall-wart) adapter rated +-120Vac into 12Vdc 500mA I only light up the 2series LEDs. I removed them from the circuit and tried again but it still wont work. i would appreciate any help you could give

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  • RobertC52 followed Dipankar3 years ago
  • RobertC52 commented on Dipankar's instructable LED GLOBE3 years ago

    this looks awesome!! do you think you could help me out on project im working on

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