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  • RobinA21 commented on Luca Gerda's instructable Eerie glowing jars!2 years ago
    Eerie glowing jars!

    Thats pretty cool.I had a similar accidental crafty experience last Halloween. I painted some store bought styrofoam headstones with florescent paints. I used a black light to illuminate the headstones in my "grave yard".. I cleaned off each paint brush in half filled plastic bottles of water. I was amazed when i turned out the lights at how neat the bottles of water looked in the black lit room. I wondered what the heck i could do with those bottles of water. Hey you should try using a black light out on your jars? And maybe mix some colors of water with florescents and put a lid on the jars. Set them in a window to glow. That would be cool. Thanks for sharing.

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