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  • $10ish DIY Variable Temp Soldering Iron Controller

    Most of you can barely write and you are going to mess with electricity?Yes the dimmer will work, for the unskilled just remember that black wires go on the brass screw ( B on B)Will not matter if you use top or bottom screw or any combination as they are tied together. Do not use two wire lamp cord as your power cord, use three wire and attach the ground to the metalic box and the ground screw on the duplex recepticle, plug a cheap nightlight in one plug to let you know the power is on, don't use a led as they don' like dimmers, always unplug the unit when not in use. You can buy dimmers with a built in led but it shows light when off and goes out when switch is on so it could be confusing and lead to an accident. Ad in burn your house down.

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