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  • Rottedroots followed bricobart1 year ago
      • 18th Century Style Custom Pistol (nerf)
      • Handsaw Hack Drawknife
      • Briar Smoking Pipe / Bowl
  • 18th Century Style Custom Pistol (nerf)

    I shoot real firearms but this is still very cool. Watch the Hilti charges. They are essentially a .22 cartridge without the bullet. There are plenty of recipes for creating deadly firearms using them. What I'm really saying is treat your Nerd Gun as a firearm but you made safety a big component of your build. Federal law does allow for you to legally make a fully functioning firearm that does not need a serial numbers and doesn't require registration. I don't think many people are doing it thankfully. It's probably easier to steal one. nice job and remember eyes and ears always.

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  • Rottedroots commented on Mrballeng's instructable High Performance Grappling Hook3 years ago
    High Performance Grappling Hook

    Very cool. The stuff I grapple with is quite heavy. Missing lobster pots, anchor lines and whatever else may end up on the ocean floor. Do you think your grapple will work ok on the things I grapple with or have grappled with in the past?

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  • Rottedroots commented on belsey's instructable Urban Mushroom Farming3 years ago
    Urban Mushroom Farming

    I've been contemplating trying to grow shrooms for quite sometime now but I've been on the fence simply because of the mixed reviews and results of others. I will have to drop an oak but that's not a problem unless it needs to be a dead one. It looks like you used sound logs and I have always thought of the best medium as being old punky moldering wood. Do you think it took 2.5 years because your logs were relatively fresh or is 2.5 years acceptable? May I ask how much the plugs cost? What about yield? Did you get more than a couple mushrooms from each plug and do you expect to harvest for years. Nice job and I would love a pile fried with to much butter over a nice steak.. Thanks

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