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  • SammyDale commented on NightHawkInLight's instructable Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher3 years ago
    Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher

    I made mine with the joystick type igniter button and it works pretty good. My 6 year old grandson loves shooting the launcher. We hot glued fins and a pointed nose on some bottles and it's a fun activity for my grandson and me. I tried both kinds of alcohol and it seems like it works better with less alcohol and more air mixture. If it doesn't fire, I just wave it around more or blow into it and then it fires. Does anybody have a suggestion for something that will provide more spark? I just can't get a good big spark out of mine. Also, I think I know the answer but would gasoline be dangerous and blow up?

    Thanks - I think I might just keep it the way it is and maybe try the spray bottle suggestion for measuring the alcohol a little better. It seems like when it doesn't fire the first time it's either because the wires are touching (grandson bumps them when loading another bottle) or because the air/fuel mixture is too rich. I'm trying to remember if their was some kind of spark igniter for the solid rockets my kids launched when they were kids. It is a great instructable that doesn't take a lot of skill to build and yields a lot of fun for kids from 6 to 60.

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