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  • SarahH336 made the instructable No Face From Spirited Away Costume1 year ago
    No Face From Spirited Away Costume

    I did this originally making a mask and looking through the mouth but it was not great, your idea was brilliant, I used a skater helmet from Amazon, lifted the mask up and used the mesh side from a bra to look through. I also added a mouth which I used card and a wire coat hanger to hold the shape, the teeth were velcro so they also kept it in place.

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  • SarahH336 made the instructable How to Make an Imperator Furiosa Costume2 years ago
    How to Make an Imperator Furiosa Costume

    Thanks so much for this tutorial, it really helped when making mine. not as good as yours, but version 2.0 will be better. I went for the 'awaiting post-production' effect on the arm :-)

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