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  • Sawhitt commented on marcus2015's instructable Make your own lye2 years ago
    Make your own lye

    Sorry, but this is an awfully complex way to do something as simple as making lye. It's expensive, too, when compared with the traditional ways we used/use on the farm.

    It's simple. Fill a bucket or barrel with wood ashes, preferably oak. Tap a hole at or near the bottom. Slowly pour water through the ashes, catching the "son-to-be" lye as it runs out the hole. You can either filter with a cloth or screen as it exits the first container or when you pour it into a kettle to further reduce the filtrate into true lye over heat (You're removing excess water by heating.Bonus: After you've cooked the filtrate down, re-filter if necessary to remove foreing particles, add lard, glycerin. mineral oil, or vegetable oil - add herbs or fragrances if desired, cook it down to a thick consistency, pour it out to flatten and harden as it coos, the cut. Soap!

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  • Travel To Your Antipodal: The Opposite Side of The World

    Or! If you're lazy (as I tend to be) you can go to h and click on or enter your address

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