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  • Pi Zero Speaker - DIY Audio HAT and Audio Player

    Is there some reason everyone suggestions pin 18 for the PWM0? I know the adafruit post is what a lot of people follow and I asked the same thing over there. ALT0 configuration for the gpio lists 12 and 13 for the two pwm pins and ALT5 shows 18 and 19. The problem is, both 18-13 and 18-19 involve pins spread way apart on the GPIO. But pins 12-13 are reasonably close to one another sharing a ground pin in a 4-pin square with GPIO6. It just seems to me to make more sense to use 12-13 from the same ALT0 pin configuration rather than spreading the pins out across the GPIO and two different alternate GPIO configurations.

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  • ScottW24 commented on RCLifeOn's instructable DIY Mini Air Conditioner3 years ago
    DIY Mini Air Conditioner

    I always giggle at all these 'ice' based coolers people are posting on here. To make ice requires refrigeration. Refrigeration works by using heat exchangers. Heat exchangers make the outside coils of the fridge hotter than they make the inside contents cooler. Which means to make ice, the net sum result is to warm up your house.

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