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  • Scratchthejeepguy commented on jasonluther's instructable Basement Bouldering Wall6 months ago
    Basement Bouldering Wall

    Great idea for the kids, and nice execution of it! I made my own wall a few years ago and now my kids are almost too old for it :( Here's a few pics of our wall in our dance room. (crash pad removed for pics)

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  • Scratchthejeepguy commented on aglepetsos01's instructable Homemade Pontoon Boat8 months ago
    Homemade Pontoon Boat

    Nice job! Thanks for bringing me back down memory lane! At almost 50 years old now, I remember building plywood and barrel boats when I was a kid and how much fun my friends and I had. It's refreshing to see today's youth using their brain for creating fun things outside, rather than sitting inside all day glued to their phone screens and playing video games. Not that video games are all bad, but ya gotta get outside every once in a while!

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