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  • SeanG113 commented on randofo's instructable DSLR Microphotography

    Great writing, very insightful and informative. Thanks.

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  • I'll reiterate my post as a simpler question:Why are we not using this crystal-DC method for creating DC current in more devices? Seems we could replace the need for USB charging, but having a constant input of low DC-AC, or something like that. I'm knew to this world...

    I just read about this. Very impressive. I do foresee a return to low-tech, but in combination with high-tech. I've been teaching myself electrical engineering and get excited when I find older gadgets, with less streamlined circuitry (ie, microchips). Is there any way to use the crystal to create higher DC voltage? It seems to me that we should be taking advantage of that old tech to create devices without batteries/ recharging, or at least to supplement the batteries with DC input.

    You could use a small battery pack to power a small (perhaps homemade, ie, miniature) amp.

    This is great to know for any ungrounded devices that may appear in my vicinity... or that I may build...

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  • And here I tried to solder wires to connect 10 1.2V Li-Ion batteries in series, but the solder kept beading and rolling away!!! I had scratched the terminals with sand paper to try and create more surface area for the solder to grip... aside from apparently risking my eyes, can someone tell me what I did wrong? a why couldn't I solder to the battery terminals directly? Was it the magnetic field?

    Keep in mind that I only started studying electrical engineering a few months ago, on a whim, and so far my experience mostly consists of taking circuits apart carefully, to collect needed equipment. I want to build a wind turbine using neodymium magnets, some bought, others salvaged, and have a few other projects on the go. I managed to salvage a 6V battery from a kids' toy jeep.

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  • Thanks for the links. I'm trying to create a much more simple device using, basically just, the batteries, solar cells and a couple of circuit boards found in a bag of 10, used solar lights. FYI, they were full of dead spider mites.

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  • SeanG113 commented on seanhodgins's instructable Open Source Cajon

    As an experienced percussionist AND a DIYer, this is an awesome project .I think I have most of this stuff laying around; however, since I'd rather always have the snare on, I guess there's no real point in building and installing the extra parts? I may try making a simpler version of this, possibly even reusing an old speaker box/casing. I would just need to jerry-rig it in that case. Now where did I put those spare snares?

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  • As much as I truly appreciate the research and the insight, I was hoping for more focus on the project, especially with regards to how the magnet is positioned to interact with the coils... Maybe I should focus on YouTube for visuals.That being said, I'm looking to create a miniature combination of blade and magnet slots, where I can 3d print this fidget spinner knock off and not need to attack parts. Since I have no experience with 3D printing, let alone designing, I might need to find someone in the DIY community to do it... The fidget spinner device that I've been building keeps getting bulkier, and thereby less efficient. I'm hoping to just pop out the bearings and insert them into the new "fidget rotor," if that makes sense .

    *attach (sigh)

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  • SeanG113 commented on scoochmaroo's instructable Homemade Toothpaste

    Instead of Stevia, try using Xylitol. It's also good for your teeth!

    Great idea on the stevia. It's also got its own antibiotic/ antimicrobial properties, I am to recall. If not stevia, then... OH! It's Xyletol, accidentally! I thought I'd keep my train of thought here. FYI, I'm an accredited herbalist (as well as neuroscience and philosophy, just saying).

    I'm going to DIY this myself and post it. I'm working in several projects.

    Agreed. People need to pay attention, not bicker over trivialities and superficial differences. The finger-pointing of the fragmented Left wing is a real problem, allowing the other problems to continue without exception. It's frustrating to watch...

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  • ..."recoup some electricity," not what my phone wrote... "remain d'une electricity," sorry, dumb smart phone.

    That's a great idea. Build a heat collector, with black paint, so it's, say, +5C inside the container, while -10C outside... or, attach it to my window, when it's +15/20C in my house, and -15C outside. Then I could remain d'une electricity from my gas heaters. People like to say, "It's not free," but you're already paying for the initial energy anyway! Like adding wind turbines to an electric car, to lengthen the battery life...

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  • Dude! Truly awesome! I knew I've kept my busted screens for a reason!

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