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  • Turn Your Android Tablet Into a Car Head Unit

    For my N7 build I used a cheap blutooth adapter. ($15 on amazon) to connect my N7 to that, because they have Aux out. Then I send the Aux via an Aux to RCA cable ( $8 on amazon) to the DAC. Then the RCA from the DAC to the amp inputs. Personally I would slap some Ground Loop Isolators in the mix to kill the feedback hum that will be there.

    I spent 6 hours hunting the proper adapters to do this. I have not received the parts yet, but this is what I purchased and seems to be what is needed. TRUCKSPEC Motorola Plug to BNC Adapter TSAD-551 and a DHT Electronics RF coaxial coax cable assembly BNC female to MCX male right angle 6''

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