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  • "Easy Mode" FIGJAM 5 Gallon Bucket Swamp Cooler

    I grew up in a house with a swamp cooler on the roof, and have owned portable swamp coolers, and the air that passed through the "filters" definitely was NOT separated from the air that fed into the house. I believe you are confusing either a heat pump or refrigeration with a swamp cooler, those are both heat exchangers, stripping heat from one side, across an impermiable barrier and moving it to the other.

    Brown wires aside, well done ;). This looks very professional compared to some other similar projects. This is on my list of projects for after we move.

    Around 50% relative humidity they go from sweat relieving to sweat creating. I live in the Phoenix area where swamp coolers are super inexpensive versus refrigeration. They are very effective...until monsoon rolls in, then it's like a whole house sauna. Suddenly the cost of AC seems entirely reasonable.

    I looked up cooling pads, Lowes say's they are about 0.25" thick, seems way thin to me versus what I've replaced, but anyhow...assuming my math is right, the bucket has about 226"sq of inlet holes, a 4" outlet flowing at a maximum of 200CFM (based on fan spec) before flow is reduced by turbulence through the pads. This means that each square inch of opening only has to flow slightly more than one foot of air per minute through it, that's not much. Even if Lowes is right and the pad is only 0.25" thick...I think you'd pass more than this through it just by breathing through the pad!

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