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  • ShawnM38 commented on dreens's instructable Battery Eliminator2 years ago
    Battery Eliminator

    Not to be rude, but I've been doing things like this for a long time -I used to run wire for houses, installing breakers, outlets etc. - And anytime ur plugging anything into a wall socket, converting ac into dc, especially 120v stepdown to 1.5 ~whatever, there can be a serious risk of fire,-especially when it's DIY. If things were meant to run that way, they usually have an adapter circuit n cord with it. Just saying, -not a bad idea but if ur gonna suggest it be careful what you tell people.

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  • ShawnM38 commented on boompjes 's instructable Make yourself anonymous on the web!2 years ago
    Make yourself anonymous on the web!

    Absolutely, people need to know and keep in mind that big bro is a business,they don't make money, they just illegally tax the hell out of us and spend as they see fit. No one "pays" taxes, the gov just takes them. They get stealth tech n we get shite sandwiches. They're all crooks,and they'd rather wipe their asses with the constitution than follow it. We have a right to privacy!!

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