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  • How to Get Your Betta to Live Longer!

    Bettas can easily live with other fish in a larger tank, just not with other male bettas. You do need to use a little thought when choosing what other fish to put in a tank with a betta however. The male betta needs to be the most brightly colored and largest fish.

    Please do not EVER do this! It is traumatizing for the fish, as they believe they are seeing another male betta and they feel the need to fight it for their territory. It is stressful and abusive.

    Actually bettas DO need to be in water warmer than room temp. They need a heater.

    That is not true. Bettas are tropical fish and need to live in water warmer than room temp. They need to have a heater. Can they live without one? Yes. But they are happier and healthier with a heater.

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