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I build music instruments by hand.
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    Engraving Glass With a Dremel

    Very nice work. I am glad you stressed using glasses and a mask. Glass dust is VERY dangerous and can cause permanent lung and membrane damage. In addition to these things it is essential to have a dust-collector nearby, use in a dust cabinet, or in a well-ventilated area where the dust is cast outdoors (not the best option, but an option). Glass dust should be treated as an extreme carcinogen.For those who find Dremel tools heavy, there are glass engraving tools that are much smaller. Don't buy the cheap $15 ones. Spend a bit more and you'll be very glad you did. This is a wonderful hobby that results in beautiful work-- and if one has any artistic talent at all isn't difficult to do. Good instructable. : )

    Correction... not as a carcinogen... extreme hazard. Causes silicosis. Nasty stuff.

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