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  • Sound View Counseling commented on mesterila's instructable WigJig for Wire Jewelry3 months ago
    WigJig for Wire Jewelry

    I'm interested in doing some larger wire designs, that might become wall decorations or be placed on gates or garden walls. For strength, I'm considering a square piece of 1/4 inch aluminum plate, which can be drilled with my drill press. Plan to use brass rods (3/16th inch diameter x 12 in length) which can be cut to size. For larger diameter turns, you can place wooden spools over your pegs. For my design, I'll probably buy dowels of varied diameters and simply drill compatible holes to match the brass rods. Its also possible to drill aluminum rods of various sizes, to pop over the pegs.

    There are now good videos on YouTube for how to use a wire jig. One website I'd recommend for wire jewelry design is ""

    A standard peg board might be a quick fix to practice and learn wire jig patterns, but the peg board material is not very strong and likely won't take much force without the fiber board deteriorating around the pegs. Learning how to use a drill press by making your own holes is worth it.

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      • WigJig for Wire Jewelry
  • See Through Eye Wear From Rescue Blancet

    I really like this. By 'rescue blanket', do you mean 'space blanket' ? (an older term). this would be a very thin mylar -aluminized. Besides the novelty, this would make a useful form of emergency sunglasses, especially if at sea or in snow, where the brightness can hurt your eyes. I imagine that the facial cream helps it stick well, so less likelihood of falling off when you bend over (e.g. gardening). But perhaps with the heat, this foil mask might slide off? Anyways, another option besides the rescue blanket would be to use recycled chip bags. I just made one from a small package of Frito's Corn Chips. Your idea might also work as a 'sleep mask' to block daylight out when traveling and needing to rest.

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      • Cutlery Made From Rice
      • Clamp in Bedside Table
      • Arm + Hand Trainer From Paper
  • Sound View Counseling commented on aryana's instructable Designing a Mosaic1 year ago
    Designing a Mosaic

    Could a thin (large) sheet of polymer clay be the base for a mosaic, instead of wood or backer board? I'm thinking that it would be easy to transfer a design by using a stylus to trace the image, which would impress on the clay below it. I'm considering doing a mosaic that would embed clay 'stones' and colored glass on top of this sheet, to form the design image. I'd probably fit the clay sheet into one of my baking sheets (one no longer used for food). This way the sheet would have support going into the oven (low temp), to bake. thanks, I really like your tutorial.

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  • Using Silicone Caulking to Make Molds

    I just bought my 100% silicone and got home to review this instructable. to my Horrors, I bought the Silicone II and didn't even realize it. For anyone reading this, the GE 2.8 Fl oz tubes have a very tiny "II", printed, only at the top right, nowhere else. Glad I didn't open them. My guess is the small tubes are only type II. I went for smaller tube thinking 'test' project, be frugal. Its 35 miles back in to town, but I bet the large tubes (that go in caulking guns) are the Type I. If this is true, I'd recommend updating the instructable to reflect Type 1 and LARGE size tube (only caulk gun size), so others don't make the same mistake.

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