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  • Speedy818 commented on DualPhase's instructable Car Audio Speakers Upgrade2 years ago
    Car Audio Speakers Upgrade

    I have a Boss 4 channel 1600 watt amp. I want to hook up two 12" svc kenwood 800watt peak each at 8ohm impedence (just reading what says on box) and two 6.5" rockford fosgate R165x3 svc 3way coaxial speakers 90watt peak each at 4ohm impedence. Can i (i mean is it safe to) connect each sub and speaker to its own channel? Or can i bridge two channels for each sub and then just connect the two speakers directly to its own sub (circuit/parallelseries?) ..or just hook up the two subs bridged and then just hook up the two speakers directly to stereo (head unit) and not to the amp?

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