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  • Splitting Water the Easy Way

    Really, really, "I Heart GMO'S" you actually said that aloud?

    GMO plants are genetically modified to survive a spraying by the poison Roundup. This just one reason why GMO's are bad, unless you like Roundup in your food Mr. I HEART GMO Alanaagard. Next then, you have to buy the next and next etc. years seeds by Monsanto because they actually have a patent on GMO seeds! If you get caught with a GMO plant on your farm by windblown seeds say, Monsanto brings you to court and demands reparations from the poor farmer, because Monsanto actually put a patent on food and seed. This is why after the Earthquake in Haiti, the farmers, though in dire need, rejected free seeds from Monsanto. Not to even mention Europe's ban!!! Because, Roundup is a carcinogen.

    I couldn't agree more! But then some people I guess like ingesting Roundup!

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