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  • StevenM207 commented on MacGyver9's instructable Improving Your Thermacell2 years ago
    Improving Your Thermacell

    I decided to test a theory I had, so i took an old propane torch with a long hose leading to the hot end and cut it off and used a male to male barbed fitting to attach the hose to a hole i put in the thermacell butane canister, and epoxied it to seal it all up and i spun it in and hooked it up and it worked very well not to mention little camping propane canisters are much cheaper and last SOOO much longer. It had no issues running for 6-7 hours today. So if youre like me, and use these on a patio or while camping this little trick with save you time and a good bit of money, even on butane refill bottles.

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