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  • SuzetteK commented on The Mollusk's instructable Distill Vodka to Make Everclear7 months ago
    Distill Vodka to Make Everclear

    I use the stuff to make altered cherries with. Squeeze out as much of the juice from a container of maraschino cherries. Discard the liquid. Just don't mangle the cherries. You want them as whole as possible.Make sure the cherries are in the jar.Pour in about to the half way mark the everclear.Pour in the rest of the way to the top any flavoured alcohol. Be it whiskey, Durango, etc.Close the top tightly. Label the container with the date, and the mix used. Store for at least four months.

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  • SuzetteK commented on poofrabbit's instructable How To Renew Dried Out Sculpey Cheaply2 years ago
    How To Renew Dried Out Sculpey Cheaply

    I don't have mason jars. but I can get ahold of glass jars that held apple butter in them. Will let you guys know if that works to hold the clay in.

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