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  • 250 to 5000 Watts PWM DC/AC 220V Power Inverter

    Hello Liaquat_Ali im very sorry for the late reply, so bz at work. to be honest for now i dunno the pros and cons of each mosfet because im only using mosfets. no idea for the JBPT. as of now im running x12 mosfets P75NF75 6 mosfets each side with 2000VA/1200W transformer 15-0-15 running 24v with that SG3524/feedback driver, it handle my 1HP waterpump, drill, mini drill, lights and some minor stuff on my garagge. im very sorry i no have answer on your question cuz im still on the process of using JBPT. cheers mate..

    Hi Morrison, to achieve 5kw inverter you need to go for 48v battery input with 4kw transformer.

    HI there JM, as for my new project im using 15-0-15 and 17-0-17 trafo 2000VA/1200W using 24v battery and it work fine on me. i have a cons on using the 12v battery, it work but the problem is you cant adjust the the feedback going up. if your output example is 200v ac on 12v supply u cant go to 220v. i dunno what exactly the cause why it wont go up, but 24v supply is perfect. attach image my new work. hope it helps.

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