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  • TXfarmgirl made the instructable DIY Death Star Ornament
    DIY Death Star Ornament

    Every year for the past 11 years, I make an ornament for my nephews. I mail it to my sis and she puts it up for them to find from Santa on Christmas morning. Last year I made a wood Lego for each of them that all snapped together. The oldest boy is 13 and while I am sure he isn't a believer, the others are and I wanted something super amazing while they still had the magic. I misread the instructions for the equator, so that didn't turn out as nice. I used a string of thin battery operated lights instead of the tealight set-up. After the halves were glued together, I pushed them through the hole on top and there was a plastic sleeve at the end that fit snuggly so that work out. I was planning to use the epoxy. Thank you so much for these instructions!

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