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  • Tanbam commented on M-Parks's instructable The Thinnest & Narrowest Portable Nes?8 weeks ago
    The Thinnest & Narrowest Portable Nes?

    Very cool!You don’t sound too happy with the sound, perhaps you would want to try out a different amplifier? I’d bet a Class D amp (like the MAX98300) would make a nice upgrade. The package wouldn’t be easy to solder for most people, but I could hook you up with an evaluation board that you could just wire up.

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  • How to Solder SMD / SMT Components With a Soldering Iron

    I do a LOT of soldering, part of my job. These components would be very easy to solder, compared to what I have to work with. On the other hand, I have professional tools.I've got a simple soldering setup at home, but until now, I normally would bring anything even slightly complicated to my work and do it there. This might change after seeing this instructable.Normally, I go with the method of putting too much solder on, then using wick to remove the excess. Easy enough to do on my lab bench, with a microscope and a huge assortment of solder tips to choose from, but not so easy on the kitchen table.Cutting the solder into surface-mount-size pieces ahead of time is genius. I'll be trying this method out in the near future.

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