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  • Electrolytic Rust Removal aka Magic

    Sure you can use scooter P.S. ... a few thing to keep in mind:Search for the term "Scooter Pin Out" in images, and see if any pics look right.24 volts is slightly hotter than the 14.6 in the demo... adjust time and expectations accordingly.if you are not sure about polarity, run a quick test on scrap metal (or even a couple of pennies)Not likely, but you might damage the charger... The process should work with about any DC supply you want to sacrifice.Science moment: I believe the chemistry says you must exceed the voltage of the electronegativity of iron which is 1.83volts, so anything 2 volts and should work. High voltages make for some unwanted reactions though..

    The short answer- the sacrificial piece always on positive terminal. when electroplating, you use differing metals. When removing rust , mostly you are creating oxides that flake off and smidge of electroplating.Sciency explanation:

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